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Inland Sardinia


Inland Sardinia

It is the mountainous heart of Sardinia that visitors discover during excursions inland.

Sardinia with its huge lonely landscapes, silences, endless horizons, unspoilt nature. Human presence is low, confined almost always within little centres in the folds of the mountains. Here man can still discover a traditional Sardinia with its most interesting cultural aspects, far away from the clichés consolidated during the years.

It is this anthropological aspect, the interest towards original forms of civilisation, towards the people of the mountains that can entice you to the inland. Traces of recent historic times are more difficult to be found here than in other parts of the island because of the different events of recent Sardinian history occurred in this area.

On the other hand here are many and very interesting evidences of prehistory. From a geological point of view we rapidly pass from the granites of Gallura and part of Barbagia to the wild landscapes of limestone formations of Ogliastra and other parts of Barbagia up to the basaltic tablelands of the centre of Sardinia. With Dedalo tour guides you will visit the most hidden places and breathtaking areas of this region. From the granite ridges of Senalonga that dominate over the territory of Alà dei Sardi to the wonderful limestone tableland of Montalbo.

Among the most evocative inland areas, Gallura stands out for its different aspects. It is famous for the beautiful coast, but lesser known for its hilly part where huge blocks of granite create wonderful landscapes particularly in the Valle della luna in Aggius, in San Pantaleo near Olbia and around Monte Limbara. Here excursions take you also to historical villages full of charm where houses are built with granite but without plaster and where cork handicraft is still alive and plays an important role in the local economy.
Tempio Pausania has an important historic centre, but the same can be said of the nearby Aggius with its wonderful surroundings and production of beautiful carpets.

We must not forget to mention Luras with its huge dolmen and the very accurate ethnographic museum and Luogosanto with the Romanesque countryside churches of San Leonardo and San Trano. Barbagia is in the centre of Sardinia; the most original and well preserved territory of the island from a naturalistic and anthropological point of view. Here travellers may discover the ancient “Canti a tenores” sung by the shepherds, the old fashioned festivals and different varieties of handicraft. The mountain areas of Supramonte and Gennargentu are wonderful destinations for excursions into the wild.

Some itineraries allow you to discover unique archaeological sites such as the nuragic village of Tiscali built inside a doline in the mountain by the same name and “Sa Sedda ‘e sos carros” in the Lanaittu valley. More to the East Ogliastra is a region celebrated for its wine, food and majestic and wild landscapes where the “tacchi”, huge cliffs of limestone, are the most typical spots.

It is a region that is still crossed by a little train which going West reaches Sarcidano region where Laconi, its most important town, deserves a visit, together with the several nearby tablelands also known as “Giare”. On the “Giara of Gesturi” a unique species of small-sized horses still live in the wild.

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