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Autum and winter

Autum and winter in Sardinia

Autum and winter in Sardinia

With A Different Sardinia we wish to point out an island which is very much unlike from the one known by mass tourism during the Summer months, when from June to September lands are dried by the blazing sun.

We suggest people fond of quietness and lonely places that to avoid crowded beaches they should visit Sardinia from October to March. April, May and June are wonderful months to appreciate the colours and scents of a full bloom, but to be honest, during these months there is also the highest number of bus tours and most advertised sites are literally assaulted. Bus tours came also in September.

Autumn and Winter are the best seasons to go off the beaten paths and visit the most preserved and wildest regions of this archaic island. During this period, along the coast, temperature rarely goes below 15°C , while on the mountains it may snow.

Even during the coldest months of January and February there might be days with 18°C-19°C but beaches are empty because most of the people attend them only during the Summer time.
For those who wouldn’t mind swimming, sea temperature is about 15°C like in Summer time along the Atlantic coast. In this period we can let you taste the famous sea urchins, picked up and eaten on the spot.

For those keen on walking in spotless nature not yet destroyed by human presence, we suggest itineraries that match the beauty of the coast with the wild inland territory. You will be welcome for dinner and overnight in a Bed and Breakfast or in a Agriturismo by families who live in this area, and their reasonable fees may include also typical dishes and wine . To visit a country means also to get in touch and to exchange ideas with its inhabitants because a country is also made by human beings, children of that land.

This characteristic is even stronger on a island.
During this period our fees are reduced by 20% and we may organize an excursion up to four/five people with their own car or rent a 9 seats vehicle for 8 people plus the guide.

Art means being able to look at things. Not all of us perceive the same reality. Beauty is unveiled to those who know how to recognize it. A tour guide’s skill is to draw up an itinerary that satisfies the interests and passions of the visitors and that is comprehensive of different aspects: nature, history, archaeology, architecture and last but not least food and wine.

In this way we will be able to reach places unapproachable by mass tourism, away from tarmac roads. When a long transfer is required it is necessary to have a car, but we tend to visit as much as we can on foot to reach the most hidden destinations and appreciate nature and its scents.