Welcome to the website of Dedalo Association of licensed tour guides in Sardinia

What we do

Near Baunei village

What we do

We “draw” itineraries for travel agencies and tour operators by creating a balance

between the fundamental peculiarities of our island, to make visitors feel the essence of our ancient land.

Dedalo in an association of tour guides established in 1995 in Olbia-Sassari with the aim of making people know Sardinia, an island which is still not very much visited apart from the Summer season. The name Dedalo has been chosen to remember the mythic founder of the labyrinth and of the Nuragic civilization because at the beginning the nuraghi had a structure formed by narrow inner corridors. Metaphorically, with this name we want to suggest a way, an introduction to a deeper view.

Our association gather a group of people with skills and knowledge on different subjects and a common interest in art and culture. We are conscious to do a job which is either subtle and barely perceptible. In fact a guide suggests an itinerary, a glance to the world, to a reality which might be perceived superficially, with stereotyped imagines and ideas either caught in its deepest part, in the dregs of memory which become spirit of the people. As professional tour guides, we escort groups of tourists in Sardinia for a day or longer; most of all our tours last for a week.

Our most important skill is our knowledge of the entire Sardinian territory and its most important characteristics. From the geological to the naturalistic and historical aspects. From the archaeological and architectural to the anthropological aspects without forgetting to mention the importance of wine and food. We have recently orientated our profession towards a more convivial and friendly tourism, designed for a few people during less crowded and expensive periods; when Sardinia is at its best, by going off the beaten paths, on excursions made to measure and on personalized itineraries.

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