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Interpreters & translation

Interpreters and Translation Services in Sardinia

Interpreters and Translation Services

The interpreter is a professional who translates into a foreign language a message in order to let the guest appreciate the best of our land.

He knows well the culture of Sardinia and how to introduce visitors to its traditions. He can speak the language, knows the history and is able to convey the peculiarities of the character of its people. His aim is to enhance the qualities of Sardinia at its best.

Sometimes the job of a Dedalo interpreter lasts only for a few hours, other times for longer, for tourism or work. He escorts the guests to open the doors of the traditions of our island.

Dedalo association of tour guides can provide translators from and into one or more foreign languages, thanks to the cooperation of qualified and mother tongue people. The translator is able to translate orally or in writing all the contents which have to be understood and interpreted clearly in another language.

Translations may also be on very specific subjects, characterized by technical words, demanding a professional. Dedalo translators may work in different contexts, thanks to the deep knowledge of that foreign language and the subject they have to work on. The perfect mastering of the written language is required to translate texts: books, operating manuals or advertising leaflets.

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