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Dedalo's services

Dedalo's services

The tour guide is the cultural mediator between history, traditions and natural beauty of this fascinating island and those who want to know the heritage of our land.


Guided tours

Guided tours

A guided visit is the approach to the knowledge of the sardinian culture with the help of the skills of a tour guide.

 Tourist guides in Sardinia

Tourist guides

A Dedalo tour guide is first of all a person who loves Sardinia and wants to share its passions.

Near Baunei village

What we do

We “draw” itineraries for travel agencies and tour operators by creating a balance

Airport and transfer services

Airport and transfer services

Airport assistance is a kind welcome to a guest who visits our island.

Whoever works in the tourist field knows how much this is important.

Events and Congresses in Sardinia

Events and Congresses

Dedalo association of tour guides can organize events and congresses in Sardinia availing itself of professionals in tourism:

Hostesses & Stewards in Sardinia

Hostesses & Stewards

Hostesses and stewards are female and male people who work to prevent inconveniences or nuisances during events, congresses, workshops or simple work meetings.

Interpreters and Translation Services in Sardinia

Interpreters and Translation Services

The interpreter is a professional who translates into a foreign language a message in order to let the guest appreciate the best of our land.