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Airport and transfer

Airport and transfer services

Airport and transfer services

Airport assistance is a kind welcome to a guest who visits our island.

Whoever works in the tourist field knows how much this is important.

The aim of the assistant is to make himself clearly recognised, also with signs and badges. He is nice and well mannered. He provides information to start a holiday in our land and makes everybody feel at ease. Should there be any problem with luggage, the assistant will do all his best to solve any inconvenience.

The assistance may be provided in different foreign languages. The assistant sees the guest up to his departure from the airport. Besides assistance, transfer is the tourist service offered to the guest up to the place of his stay. The transfer must be done by a tour guide because he has to know the roads that lead to the destination, has to comment the territory and add general information about nature, history, culture and Sardinian traditions.

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