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A Dedalo tour guide is first of all a person who loves Sardinia and wants to share its passions.

A tour guide is a professional who leads you to discover the territory in its multiple aspects: from the beauty of nature to archaeological or architectural monuments, up to the anthropological aspects to the meeting with people on their own land.

He lives all year round on its island and knwos deeply its different human and cultural peculiarities: traditions and characteristics of the land and its inhabitants.

A local tour guide opens the doors to humaneness and cultural aspects that would remain inaccessible to a tourism which is often superficial, avoiding the risk to pass close to simple things: a rural sanctuary, or a sheepfold in the mountains. Dedalo tour guides lead groups or individual tourists to one day excursion or one week long tours.

We suggest places to visit and draw itineraries, created on purpose for family units and small groups of friends, varying routes to satisfy better the interests of the visitors

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